Thursday, September 18, 2008

Some pictures of my break

Here are some pictures of what happened during my little break from blogging.

I'm Back............

Aloha, I'm back after a long break. Well not really a break but more like I got a little to caught up with my life. A lot of things have bin going on like fathers day, my sister visiting from Chicago with her son that I got to see for the first time , I put a lot of stuff in etsy shop , I also joined dawanda . Right now in my etsy shop I am having a SUPER BIG DESTASH SALE so if you need to get fabric to make some of your X-mas gifts keep my shop in mind. I will be having my Christmas sales in October and in November and maybe into the first week of December. I don't think I want to sell after the first week in December because I can't guarantee that the items will get to the destination on time before Christmas. I'm not really a big writer so right now this is a lot of writing that I am doing and I'm in shock. I hope that there are people reading this. So right now I get things caught up with some pictures.